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The mechanistic world view of orthodox medicine - does it apply?

In Israel the hospital doctors went on strike - immediately the death rate went down about 50 %.

In Bogota, Columbia, the doctors went on strike - the death rate decreased about 35 %.


The method of 'active imagination' is strategically aimed at installing positive, desirable images or behaviors. The best-known expert in this method is Dr. Carl Simonton. 15 years ago he first instructed his cancer patients to visually wage war against the cancer cells, with considerable life-prolonging results. However, this also is just fighting symptoms - this time on a psychological level. Enhance-ment of all-over vitality and natural healing power can be achieved by this method.

Synergetik Therapie deals with the entire context - each single incidence or symbolic image is being worked on - thereby causing changes in the images to happen retrospectively by their own accord. The desert starts blooming by itself, the deep crevice in the floor is closing, the immune defense starts activating it-self etc.: resolution of neuronal imprints takes place. The energetic disease structure is being dealt with on an informational level - it is not just being weakened, but dissolves permanently on a causal level.

This method of bringing about changes in the inner-world imagery by applying the principles of self-organization can be demonstrated in every individual session - it can be learnt and put to use by everyone.

The medical profession is in need of a new view of the world and of the human being. It is in need of in-depth health research, of a definition of healing processes and of encouragement and support regarding research into self-healing processes. People at large need to take responsibility and to participate in decision-making processes.

Concise description of Synergetic Therapy

The Principles of Synergetics constitute the scientific basis of Synergetic Therapy. Basic to this idea is the concept that, by the cooperation of individual parts, new qualities emerge via self-organisation, as discovered by Hermann Haken. This is being applied to the energy images stored in the brain. To do this, the client is put in a state of deep relaxation.

Now he or she is able to consciously perceive all the energetic phenomena resulting from the neuronal functional processes of his/her brain in a free-flowing process called 'active inner-world journey'.

Those energetic phenomena usually appear as 'inner images', they are however linked to feelings, emotions and bodily reactions. These associatively connected 'inner images' also occur in terms of concrete, sometimes repressed memories of real events linked to subjective interpretational patterns. The symbolic language of the subconscious mind oftentimes expresses itself directly in terms of energetic imagery or else in so-called 'autonomous figures', thus being experienced by the client with all of his or her senses as his/her own reality. In this 'experiential inner world' different laws of action abide, everything being connected to everything else. Each individual brain is an energetic unity in itself, but at the same time interacts constantly with the body and is connected to the so-called 'morphogenetic field'. All information is structurally present simultaneously in terms of neuronal matrix and can be decoded in terms of time by means of 'active inner-world journeys'. This is why patterns of disease can be made directly visible internally as energy patterns.

By means of continually repeated 'new and different acting' in the inner world a self-organising process is being triggered which can be far-reaching to an extent that these energy patterns - in exact correspondence to the principles of synergetics - take on different states of organisation, thus triggering a process of self-healing. On the physical level of the body this is expressed in an enhancement of the functions of the immune system - the symptoms disappear. This 'inner action' is always initiated by the client`s

volitionally controlled 'ego-structure', it is being supported by cooperation with the Synergetic therapist who accompanies the process. Synergetic Therapy is a process of guidance to self-healing - it cannot be done against the free will of the client.

This pragmatic approach is characteristic of Bernd Joschko`s method which 10 years ago he named Synergetic Therapy. Up to now his experiences justify his working hypothesis: nearly all diseases can be healed - but only if the client takes responsibility for his or her own process. Thus Synergetic Therapy has been defined as purely being an instruction or guidance to self-healing. Synergetic Therapy is not subject to the German legislation concerning non-medical practitioners. Training started 5 years ago.

All of the newly won empirical knowledge as well as the basic know-how and pragmatical tools of Synergetic Therapy are being taught in training seminars which can be attended by everybody - no previous experience being required. Thus a new professional field has been created in response to many ill people`s desire for responsibility, initiative and self-healing.

This field has been unexplored and unoccupied up to now. Extensive documentation will be published soon.


Sessions scripts

Here you'll find session scripts from Synergetic Therapy.
They demonstrate that each session is different and highly individual.



Heal yourself - no one else can do it for you
Taking the neuronal matrix to a higher organizational level by making use of the principle of self-organization


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