Session script: Lung-Cancer

In a state of deep relaxation awareness can be considerably increased. The following transcript describes the finale of an individual session.

Client (female): I`m feeling light, like floating in the air. No more numbness. I feel like being out of my body somehow.

Therapist: (I ask her to look at herself from outside.)

Client (female): Yeah, that`s what I`ve been doing all along, oh, that`s interesting. Just imagine, I can even see my blood streaming. Oh, but now that`s kind of gross. Ah, I never experienced such a thing in my life. Oh Lord, oh, isn`t that far out.

Therapist: (I guide her awareness to her cancer: “Can you see it?“)

Client (female): Yes.

Therapist: Put your hands above it - maybe you can even influence it.

Client: (laughing) I was going to hold my hands above it and looking at my hands - oh Lord, what`s there? You first have to get used to a thing like that. Yeah, I was going to put on those hands - but then I see my hands as well ...

Therapist: You probably can see the bone structure or else ...

Client: Yes - I wish everybody could see what I`m seeing at the moment. Just imagine, I see my body - how everything moves. There is incredible movement in there. Everything is moving in my belly. My intestines are moving, and everywhere there is some flow. The whole body is moving. Till now the body has been something solid in my eyes. But it`s not solid at all, everything is in a kind of flow. It`s moving in all directions.

Therapist: Again: What about your cancer?

Client: I got to remove my hands, otherwise I can`t see it. It looks like cotton. What do my lungs look like? How to describe my lungs? That`s really amazing. The lungs are completely permeable, the air passes through, they are not solid at all, like candy floss. No, it`s like totally ... I just can`t describe it. I`ve never seen a thing like that. Well, like a hollow space, a hollow body, interweaved with very, very subtle fibers. All of this is incredibly soft and tender. And it is in constant movement, and inside of it there are like small little balls of cotton, and that is the cancer. They just sit there, but they are not anchored, they are not connected to the lungs, they could go away easily because they are not coming from the lungs, but they are just sitting there, and there are other things, too, like small particles. Like little knots, and I`ve got the feeling that there`s some alien element there. Yes, there a small little knots there, and everything is slightly moving and flowing, the whole body is.

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