Session script: Perception

In a state of deep relaxation perception is considerably enhanced, so that it is possible to have experiences which otherwise are not accessible to the same extent. Thereby the overall energy level is enhanced and refined. Often an 'inner guide' takes care of the individual. In this case it is the guardian angel of the client (48 years of age).

Client: There's an old tree in front of me, and now a face is forming in the tree. That tells me that I'm aware of the soul of the tree. mmh... I should take a look at the tree, feel the way it feels and now in fact I'm entering the tree and feel the way it feels. Now I feel like seeing an old oak and having different branches. A wonderful feeling to have so many branches. It takes time to really feel it, not only two arms, but 50, 60 or 70 arms - a totally new feeling. Down below I'm fixed and up here I'm swaying, sometimes more and sometimes less. The wind is tickling the leaves. A totally new, joyful feeling.

Therapist: Look into the sick tree whether you can heal it.

Client: Yes, but first I have to have these feelings - I feel so different. I've never felt like a tree in my life. Now the angel tells me to see and hear and feel at the same time.

It's important to be able to feel like another person or thing, then it's possible to help them. First I totally have to feel like the tree feels. Tears start coming, I'm deeply moved by that feeling. It seems to be quite important though I don't understand why I'm moved so deeply by it. That seems to be the key. To get into someone else's shoes and feel like he or she does. Now I see the bark of the tree is partially injured - now the bark is healing (amazed). It's healing by itself, I don't do anything, it just happens.

Okay, I'm still being the tree and looking from inside at the bark healing. Now the feeling gets weaker, and now I can leave the tree. It says "thank you" to me, swaying its branches, but I'm already gone. Right now it felt like I was unable to leave the tree. Now I know what it feels like to be a tree and the angel tells me to go on.

Therapist: It seems he has a lot in store for you.

Client: Now there's a little bush and we are going to do the same thing with that bush (amazed). It's a small bush, only knee high. Now I'm going into it, my knees pulled back, but still comfortable. It's nice, but quite different from the tree, much less serious. a wholly different quality, higher, less serious. An easier life, whereas a tree carries quite a burden. A little bush doesn't take things as seriously ... Now I see a deer. I approach it, asking it if I'm allowed to enter it. Yes, it is possible. (break)

mmh.... It feels like I'm the deer running across the meadow, grazing and looking around carefully without feeling fearful, which I first had anticipated, but the feeling doesn't seem to be as intense as it was with the tree, it seems to be of less importance.

Therapist: What's the taste of the grass?

Client: As usual (laughs). Okay, it tastes fine, like real easy living. Now a blade of grass starts talking to me, telling me to have the experience of being a blade of grass being eaten. I'm leaving the deer now and entering - it's a whole clump of grass I'm entering. They are on the meadow and the wind is passing through them. I hope the deer isn't coming this way. But I can see a big tongue which goes round the grass and then ripping it off. Or maybe it's a cow. Okay, here we are now, ducking down, we enjoy being so green and we tell ourselves: okay, it's a cow, not a deer, still better than a mowing machine - it is so sharp. The cow is coming closer but then veers off into a different direction. Now one or two little insects are coming. I don't like that at all, they start eating away at me (laughing).

To be a blade of grass doesn't feel too good. Everybody is gnawing at you from all sides, a heavy trip, mmh. Now there's a bird inviting me to experience being a bird. It is a sparrow, no it's a titmouse, now I'm a titmouse sitting on a fruit tree - it's wonderful to be a titmouse. Picking here and picking there and flying around. Now another titmouse appears, saying: no, life isn't as easy as that. You've got to bring food for the little birds, don't forget about that, you've got to bring a fat worm in your beak, just like me.

So I'm looking for a worm and I'm finding a fat, green worm which I have seen a few days ago already and I'm flying to the nest where six fledglings are sitting with open beaks. Six gullets, all of them hungry and you have to stuff them with everything you can get. And then again: looking for more food, and back again, all of them crying, and stuffing it down their throats. It's hard work being a titmouse. It looked very nice at first but that's not really true. There we go again ... (the titmouse story continues) - Now I'm fed up with feeding (laughing). mmh... (sighing)

Now my angel is coming back, he says: "Now it's enough." I'm entering a boat, my angel with me. He is holding a paddle to drive the boat.

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